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Law – MA Studies
The Faculty runs two 5-years law study programs; this is the traditional 5-year Master's study programme system (Whilst the Bologna Charter - 3 years undergraduate + 2 years Master - has been adopted by some faculties, law programmes retain the traditional system).

Both regular and evening studies are equivalent: Students have identical courses, their obligations and requirements are the same, the courses are run by the same academics and the academic MA diploma does not display the type of studies completed. The student, on passing all exams required by the syllabus, completion of practice courses, writing a Masters thesis and passing the Master's exam, will receive a Masters Degree diploma.

The syllabus (identical for both types of study) encompasses 10 terms. A term lasts 15 weeks and followed by an examination period. The curriculum accepted by the Law and Administration Faculty Committee resolution of 27/09/99 is modified and conforms to the demands of ECTS. A student is required to gain a minimum of 300 ECTS points over the period of 5 years; this makes 60 points a year.

The student can, over the course of subsequent years of study, gain a number of points greater than 60, but may not, however, cross a limit of 7 points. An exception is the first year of study, where the upper limit is 65. Extra points gained by the student in individual years over the required 60 points are carried over to the next year. Points gained over the stated limits are not carried over.

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